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Marketing & Communication



Professional Custom Web Designs Brought To Life

This is when our designers go to work on your website's initial design. Our creative team puts emphasis on designing models that best represent your brand, service(s), and product(s). We incorporate all the materials and information central to your business. This process could take as much as several days in order for us to produce a good initial design. 
Design Meeting & Brainstorm
The initial design is comprised of mockups, wireframes, and static drawings that closely resemble the finished product. This is not a working website just yet. Our goal is to get your design as close as possible to the final look on the first go, but in the event we miss the mark completely, we are able to provide redesigns to get the direction back on track
Initial Design Review
The first step of the website design process is to get you connected with one of our team members. That's why we ask you to fill out a brief questionnaire to get started and to help them get a better idea of what you want. The questionnaire is simple and short. As we are getting started, we do not want you to feel overwhelmed. 
Initial Questionnaire
One of our project managers will get in contact with you through a phone or video conference call (whichever is more convenient) to gather more specific information about your design ideas, logos, photos, videos, layout or color preferences, and the intent of your website. They might also present you with various website references for ideas and inspirations. Our goal is to end this meeting with a good understanding of what you would like.
Gathering More Information





How It Works



The revision phase is crucial. A revision is any change you might want in the design. No matter how much we strive to get it right on the first try, we are well aware that there are always changes and improvements to be made. Depending on which plan you choose, you are allotted a specific number of revisions. It’s best to compile all revisions in a list so our designers can present the progress in batches. 
Once all revisions are completed, we will be requesting your final approval. We want to make sure that you’re happy with all the visual elements we’ve laid out before working on coding and programming. We do ask for your final approval to be received in writing.
Design Approval
This is where we go from the creative team to the programmers and developers. The goal is to transform the custom design into a functioning website. We will be providing you with a staging link to view the progress of the site. At this point, any further design revisions will be considered as custom work and will be subject to hourly charges.
Site Creation & Conversion
Now that we have a working website, it's time for us to fill your site with content. Logos, photos, videos, links, texts, any and everything original content your website needs. Your website content will undergo revisions and polishing until everything is complete, looking great, and ready to go. Your feedback and constant communication during this phase are very important.
Site Population


3...2...1... Houston, we have liftoff!! 
Obviously, this is an exciting part of the website design process. All the work has paid off and now you get to see your website finally go live for public viewing. We do require your final written approval before publishing the website.
Website Launch



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